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Culinary Heaven - for everthing in the kitchen

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March 22nd, 2007

11:01 pm - Beef Stew
The other day I made an old favourite, my mom's beef stew. We used to have this all the time with beef or lamb, and almost every potluck sunday my mom made it as well. I wasn't planning on getting this in pictures but I decided I should since it's one of the few "real" meals I make regularly.

Yummmmm...Collapse )
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March 4th, 2007

02:30 am - Apple Chops
I haven't snapped while I cooked for a while, but this week I was trying out one of my food blogger friend's recipes, so I thought it fitting to take some pictures! Unfortunately my camera was low on batteries and I couldn't take the best of pictures without the display on, so these are cropped to some strange sizes- they're still decent pictures though, I think.

Anyway, this is a spin on Angie's Cranberry Pork Chops, which I believe she took from another cooking program somewhere. I was originally going to just have the standard applesauce and fried pork chops, but I thought this would be a nice twist- as we do not have fresh cranberries in the UK, I would use apples instead and add some cranberry juice. Of course, being the UK, all the cranberry juice I could find was "Cranberry Drink" meaning it was chock full of sugar and wouldn't have that nice cran KICK I wanted. In retrospect, I should have just added some cranberry jelly. I'll do that next time, I think.

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August 16th, 2006

04:46 pm - Kitchen Knives

I'm not really sure that this is the right topic for this community, but I couldn't find any other group on livejournal that had to do with this topic.

So, basically, my problem is that I am looking to buy a new set of nice knives (sharp, good quality) for my kitchen. I've tried Consumer Reports, but nothing came of it.

So my question for you all is: What brand of knives do you recommend I get? Which brand have you been most satisfied with? etc...

Any suggestions or a lead in the right direction is greatly appreciated.


P.S.--If this is not the right community to post this question to, if anyone knows of a better suited community, please let me know by commenting! Thanks!

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July 16th, 2006

02:50 am - Cake-mix Cobbler
My brother and his fiancée made this when we were in Michigan, and it was great, so I made it as well. Just as I started I grabbed the camera to make a photo recipe because I always think about it far too late.

image heavy!Collapse )

4/5 stars- when I make it next I'm going to try a different flavour of pie filling with a yellow cake mix and a clear pop like Sprite.
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April 29th, 2005

10:15 pm - as promised...
Here is the photo recipe thing for... (and it's obviously image intensive...)

Porcupine Meatballs!Collapse )

Oh, and I've made the important steps bolded, in case you don't want to read my babble :)
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April 28th, 2005

11:10 pm - assignment! (not really)
so quickly I wanna post a little idea of mine that i had tonight. It's sort of an assignment, i guess... but not really :D

If you prepare meals for yourself or your family, and you have a digital camera, then the next time you cook something (other than just, like, putting a frozen pizza into the oven) take a photo-documentary of it. Take photos of the steps, and post them on this journal (under a cut) in a sort of instructional entry. Write your own commentary following the pictures into the entry- a sort of photo-recipe. I'm going to have one up maybe tomorrow night, after I make my porcupine meatballs!

(remember, you have to join the community to gain posting access- the link near the top of the userinfo page. If you need hosting for images, don't fear, I'm going to set up a photobucket/imageshack/whatever account for this community's use, so comment here and I'll get the login/pass to you.)
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April 25th, 2005

09:34 pm - Welcome!
Welcome to Culinary Heaven!

Hopefully this community will grow within the next few weeks and as it does I'll be posting more to the user info about what this community is all about, but basically it's all about the kitchen! My aim is to have a community of people who love to be in their kitchen, focusing primarily on cooking and recipes (but every once in a while being distracted by a chocolate versus vanilla type discussion). I want this community to be for anyone who has a passion for cooking, even if they only know how to pour cereal out of a box and add milk. So, invite your friends, and get posting!
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