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assignment! (not really) - Culinary Heaven - for everthing in the kitchen

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April 28th, 2005

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11:10 pm - assignment! (not really)
so quickly I wanna post a little idea of mine that i had tonight. It's sort of an assignment, i guess... but not really :D

If you prepare meals for yourself or your family, and you have a digital camera, then the next time you cook something (other than just, like, putting a frozen pizza into the oven) take a photo-documentary of it. Take photos of the steps, and post them on this journal (under a cut) in a sort of instructional entry. Write your own commentary following the pictures into the entry- a sort of photo-recipe. I'm going to have one up maybe tomorrow night, after I make my porcupine meatballs!

(remember, you have to join the community to gain posting access- the link near the top of the userinfo page. If you need hosting for images, don't fear, I'm going to set up a photobucket/imageshack/whatever account for this community's use, so comment here and I'll get the login/pass to you.)
Current Mood: creativecreative

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